About Gussow

The Gussow 2023 Conference: Geomechanics for Sustainable Energy Development focuses on the critical role geomechanics plays from the exploration, production and storage of hydrocarbons, hydrogen and geothermal energy through to disposal and sequestration of wastes and greenhouse gases.

The field of geomechanics is a unique blend of geology and geophysics/engineering/physics that is increasingly relevant in evaluating subsurface hazards (e.g., overpressures, seismicity) and predicting the effects of changes in the subsurface due to human activities. A complete geomechanical understanding requires knowledge of earth stresses, mechanical rock properties and the influence of subsurface fluids. The 2023 Gussow Conference will present the latest understanding of these issues and highlight their application to projects in carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), geothermal energy, oil and gas, and more.

Geomechanics has been an integral component of our energy system for decades. Lately, it has seen increasing visibility because of its crucial role in the energy transition, where the success of early projects will pave the way for our energy future. Ignoring geomechanics in energy projects leads to fundamentally unnecessary and costly safety and financial risks to associated industries and society as a whole. For businesses involved in energy projects, geomechanical understanding can significantly contribute to improved environment, social and governance (ESG) performance as well as better operational performance and social license to operate.

As always, the 2023 Gussow Conference will be a uniquely focused, single-track event with abundant opportunities to learn from and interact with a community of individuals from academia, industry and government, all with shared interests and concerns. This year’s conference has  been designed with both practitioners and end users of geomechanics in mind. We hope to see you in Banff!

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